Apart from Zoroastrianism, such cremation is not done in any religion, you will be surprised if you know.

Apart from Zoroastrianism, such cremation is not done in any religion, you will be surprised if you know.

We all know that those who are born must also die. At present, according to the religion of most of the people, the cremation i.e. the ritual performed after death is different, among Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, etc., cremation rituals are performed differently according to their religion. Today we are going to tell you that when any death occurs among Parsi people we will give you complete information about how it is performed.

When a person dies in Zoroastrianism, their body is treated differently than in all other religions, their body is not cremated and their body is not buried, and their body is buried in a river or running water. Don’t even come into debt. It is believed that the Zoroastrians have different post-mortem rituals since their ancestors lived in Iran. It seems that this method is completely different from all other religions, so let’s find out what their rituals are.

The ritual performed by the Parsis for their last rites is known as the Tikh Meenash ritual. In this ritual, Parsi people take their corpse to a special secluded place after their death, you will be surprised to know this and you will also wonder why these people take their corpse to a secluded place after their death, after taking it there. Hanging their dead bodies, it is also said that vultures come to a secluded place and those vultures eat the dead bodies, so they bring the dead bodies to such places for the food of vultures.

About 17 percent of the Parsi community lives in Mumbai. First of all, Parsi community started living in Mumbai in 1661 AD. Even in a big city like Mumbai, there is a place made for Parsi people that if any Parsi person died there, his last rites are performed on this place, the place is famous by the name of Tower of Silence in Malabar Hill. This place is like a garden where the posthumous rituals of Parsis are performed.

It is also believed that the Parsi people depend on vultures to maintain this lineage tradition but now we all see that the number of vultures is decreasing day by day and this decreasing number has become a concern for them. Parsis perform the final vidhi fire puja and final rites of Tikh Meenash. In the last rites of the Parsils, their dead bodies are hung from a high tower, a solitary place, where no one ever visits. Their dead bodies are kept there. The vulture then devours the hanging dead body. Zoroastrians consider Agni as God and worship Agni.

ગુજરાતી માહિતી વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

If any girl of Zoroastrians or their community marries a boy of another community or a man of another religion, their children are not allowed to visit any Zoroastrian temple or place of their last rites. According to an average, most of the Parsi community in India lives in Mumbai. His body is cremated in the Tower of Silence. Every year in Mumbai approximately 850 or more people die compared to 200 or more babies born.

According to a history, when the first Parsis came to India by sea, they were stopped there on the coast. Then the king himself came to meet him. When the king went to meet the Parsi, the king said to the Parsi that you cannot stay here, the Parsi replied to him and said that bring a glass full of milk and put some sugar in it. The Parsi people told the king who came to meet him, after which the king gave them permission to stay.

Thus, we have given you detailed information about what are the funeral rites of Parsi people after death. And also gave a necessary understanding about how the Parsi people arrived in India.

Our intention is not to hurt any religion, only to divert people from the truth